Imphal: Report of Household Census 2012 released; 89.3 percent of households have toilet facility within premises

Imphal, April 10 2012: The data of the Houses, Household Amenities and Assets for the year 2012 was released by Y Thamkishwar, Director, Directorate of Census Operation, Government of Manipur, at the Conference Hall of the Directorate today.

Speaking on the occasion, Y Thamkishwar informed that the collection of the data of the Houses, Household Amenities and Assets was done during the period from June to August 2010 covering 51 towns and 2,582 villages of the state. He further stated that during the survey approximately 6,000 enumerators and 1000 supervisors were engaged.

The objective of the House listing and Housing Census Operations is to identify each building/census house and also to ascertain the quality of the census house, amenities accessible to it and assets available. The enumerator collected information on 35 items by visiting each and every household and canvassing a written questionnaire called the House list and Housing Schedule.

According to the report of Houses, Household Amenities and Assets Census, the number of census houses has increased from 4,92,371 to 6,09,964 during the last one decade. There is an increase of 1,17,593 houses for residential and partly residential purposes. There is also improvement in the construction material used for roofing, wall and floor, thereby indicating a marked enhancement in the quality of housing both in the rural and urban areas.

With regard to amenities available in the census houses, the report revealed that 48.3 percent of the households are using tap, tube well, hand pump and covered well as the main source of drinking water. Only 16.1percent of the surveyed households have source of water within the premises while 46.2 percent of households have to fetch water from source located within 500 metres in rural areas; 100 metres in urban areas and 37.8 percent still fetch drinking water from source located more than 500 metres away in rural areas or 100 metres in urban areas.

As far as main source of lighting is concern, 68.3 percent households use electricity, thus indicating an increase of 7.7 point from 2001.The rural-urban gap has reduced by 8.3 percent point from 29.5 percent in 2001 to 21.2 percent in 2011. For any other sources of lighting, the State recorded highest growth rate compared to other states, with Manipur standing at 3.6 percent as against the all India rate of at 0.2 percent.

The report also mentioned that 31.1 percent of the households have drainage connectivity of which 48.8 percent have open drainage while 4.1 percent have closed drainage.

Furthermore, the report further pointed out that 89.3 percent of households have facility within premises with 46.6 percent households having water closet and 34.6 percent households having pit latrine. This shows that there is 6.3 percent point decline in the number of households having no latrine from 18 percent in 2001 to 10.7 percent in 2011 .

It further pointed out that 93.3 percent of the households have kitchen facility with 85.9 percent within premises and 7.4 percent outside premises. Read More

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