A Community Guide to Environmental Health

The safe disposal of human waste (sanitation) by building and maintaining toilets and washing hands prevents the spread of germs and is necessary for good health. This Chapter 7 “Building Toilets”, has been taken from the resource book - A Community Guide to Environmental Health, published in 2008 by the Hesperian Foundation, is a manual that looks at the various aspects of sanitation and toilet building, including understanding sanitation needs of different groups (men, women, children, disabled), planning for toilets for rural areas, cities/towns and emergencies and looks at the various toilet options available and methods to set up each one of them.
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This book offers only some guidelines to help think about possible solutions to improve sanitation services in crowded cities and towns. Toilets connected to sewer systems are complicated to build, so this book describes only toilets that use little or no water. The toilets in this book are only some of the choices for ecological sanitation.  They can be improved and adapted to meet the needs of different communities.

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