Jharkhand sanitation project has failed miserably: Report

Ranchi, July 16, 2012: Rural development minister Jairam Ramesh a few days ago had said India was largest 'open air toilet' in the world. His claim finds support in the latest report prepared by Jharkhand Education Project Council (JEPC) for the current financial year. The state has failed to construct even a single toilet in schools so far.

Sources in JEPC said that last year (2011-12) work for construction of 418 toilets could not be completed and it was carried forward.

This year again, each districts was allotted new projects and total toilets which are to be constructed now is 716 including those of 2012-13. "Till May 31, after passage of two months work for construction of 615 toilets has not started. The situation is worse in North Chotanagpur (Hazaribag) and Santhal Pargana (Dumka) divisions where work for construction of 223 and 271 toilets have not started," said an officer preferring anonymity.

The sources said that condition for construction of exclusive girls' toilet in schools is even worse. These toilets are in addition to the project of at least one toilet in schools. Total 3811 toilets for girls could not be constructed in 2011-12 and this year again 5819 new projects were added. Total girls toilets to be completed in 2012-13 stands at 9630 and of these work has not started for 7273 toilets.

Maximum number of toilets where work has not started are in Dumka, Hazaribag and Palamu divisions and the numbers are 1881, 1890 and 2380 respectively.

State representative of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights Ganesh Reddy said he will raise the matter before the government. The state government always talks of total sanitation and harmful effects of defecation in open, yet fails when it comes to execution of projects. (Source: The Times of India)

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