Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission(RGNDWM)

The Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme (ARWSP) was introduced in 1972-73 by the Government of India (GOI), to assist the States and Union Territories to accelerate the pace of coverage of drinking water supply. To ensure maximum inflow of scientific and technical input into the rural water supply sector to improve the performance, cost
effectiveness of the on-going programmes and ensure adequate supply of safe drinking water, the entire programme was given a Mission approach. The Technology Mission on drinking water and related water management was launched in 1986. It was also called the National Drinking Water Mission (NDWM) and was one of the five Societal Missions launched by the Government of India. The NDWM was renamed Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water mission (RGNDWM) in 1991. Read More

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