Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS)

About Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS)

The demand for reliable, efficient and low-cost wastewater treatment systems is increasing world wide especially in densely populated urban regions where adequate wastewater treatment systems do not exist and uncontrolled discharge of wastewater endangers environmental health and water resources.

Treatment of wastewater for reuse, from APFAGMS, Hyderabad

Original Query: K.A.S. Mani, APFAGMS, Hyderabad

Posted: 24 February 2006

I am Dr K A S Mani, working with Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater Systems (APFAMGS) Project which is a network of over 650 villages working towards enabling the farmers to manage their groundwater systems in about 638 villages in seven drought prone districts of Andhra Pradesh. The development objective of the project is that farmers in Andhra Pradesh manage their groundwater systems based on annual recharge-draft conditions. Main activities include participatory hydrological monitoring, artificial recharge and sustainable agriculture inputs, capacity building and institutional development. One of the areas being explored by the communities is better management and treatment of waste water, so that it could be re-used for agricultural and other purposes.

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