Ecological Sanitation(Ecosan)

Toilets the 'Eco-San' Way in Flood Prone Areas- Andhra Pradesh

(Source: R.K. Srinivasan, Plan India)

A resource book on waterless urinals, an ecological sanitation method that saves water, energy and uses urine as a resource

This resource book is a guide on ‘waterless urinals’ (WLU), that will assist individuals, builders, engineers, architects, and policy makers in promoting them.

Unique Biological Toilet System by Green Sanitation Foundation (GSF) using 'Green Technology'

Usage of Green Technology makes the product water and energy positive. It uses naturally growing product to provide the best of sanitation at an optimal cost.
Biological Toilets convert human waste into non toxic, non contaminating water compatible with environmental standards, through application of multi strain bacteria culture, using both aerobic and anaerobic forms of bacteria.

Centre for Water Resources and Management (CWRDM) eco-friendly toilets a big hit

Kochi, June 25, 2012: The Ecosan toilet project formulated by Centre for Water Resources and Management (CWRDM), here, to curb groundwater pollution due to the unscientific treatment of septage, is scripting a new story in ecological sanitation in the district.

As a pilot project, the CWRDM established Ecosan toilets at four locations in Chathamangalam Grama Panchayat last year and owing to the huge success of the project more panchyats have come forward to set up these toilets which are very eco-friendly.

Alternative Sanitation Initiative in Khagaria District, Bihar

Megh Pyne Abhiyan (MPA) in partnership with SAMTA (partner organization in Khagaria district) is piloting the localized version of Phaydemand Shauchalay  aka productive toilet/ecological sanitation in two tolas (hamlets) (Nepal and Railway tola of Khagaria district) as an alternative and appropriate utility  for the flood prone areas of Bihar.

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