Ecosan initiatives

“A glance at the ecosan initiatives” is a ppt photo-essay, is an India’s first Ecosan Ph.D. work of student from Agriculture University, Bangalore on implementation of Ecosan in villages supported by Arghyam.

The Sendriya Shouchalaya: An experience from Kuran village, Maharashtra

"The Sendriya Shouchalaya: A Urine-diversion Dehydration Toilet experience from Kuran village, Maharashtra, India", is a photo-essay, describing the setting up and operation of an eco-san toilet in a remote village in Maharastra. The toilet was set up by Sourabh Phadke, an architect from Pune, in collaboration with the owners, Bhau and Kadubai.

Water and sanitation report card for village

This is the short movies on "Sanitation" from the India Water Portal on village report card on water and sanitation.

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