Community Eco-Sanitation Toilets India

“Community Eco-Sanitation Toilets India” which have been developed and published in 2008 by the Wherever the Need (WTN) with support from the Industry’s Humanitarian Support Alliance (IHSAN), the case study seek to encourage self sustaining, ecological projects generated through the self empowerment of the people themselves.

The document strategy for committing the charity, where feasible, to providing, managing and conserving water, constructing eco-sanitation toilets and encouraging tree planting programmes as part of a wider environmentally friendly programme. This strategy has already seen its methodology for ecosanitation toilets used in a document produced by the Tamil Nadu State Government in India and brought Ministerial acknowledgement in Sierra Leone.

Here we can conclude that the project not only improved local conditions but also the changed the perceptions of the communities by creating projects that provide more than simply physical benefits.