A Case Study of Keeraplayam Experience

“Ensuring Water and Sanitation: The SHG way” written by Manu Prakash in 2005 and published by Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India is a unique experiment where women were mobilized in groups and helped to acquire masonry and plumbing skills for constructing the household toilets and repairing of water and sanitation facilities on an entrepreneurial basis.

The case study highlights the methodology was adopted to evaluate using tools of interaction, secondary data review, field visit, etc. It focused on following points that a well-planned programme trusting in the abilities of SHG may help in replicating. The convergence in the various development programme has shown that the benefits can be doubled on sustained basis, if implemented in planned way. Increased income, better empowerment of women, increased coverage of water and sanitation with improved maintenance, low burden of diseases due to clean and healthy environment and so on are just few examples that find a concrete facts in the case of Keerapalayam.