JK unable to fully utilize NBA funds for rural sanitation

Jammu, Apr 28, 2013: Notwithstanding the pitiable condition of rural sanitation across J&K, the state government has not been able to utilize generous central funding under Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), which has now been renamed as Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA), in the past three years.
In the year 2010-11, out of total available funds of Rs 2373.18 lakhs, the concerned state government agencies could expend only Rs 1715.26 lakhs. The situation noticed a slight improvement in the year 2011-12 when out of available funds of Rs 3821.645 lakhs, 2960.001 lakhs were expended in 21 districts of the state.
For the purpose of expenditure, Ganderbal district was combined with Srinagar district.
Under the scheme in the year 2011-12, maximum funding was made available to Doda district i.e., Rs 485.568 lakhs out of which only Rs 356.79 lakhs were spent. Doda was followed by Anantnag district in Kashmir division with a total expenditure of Rs 332.402 lakhs out of total available funding of Rs 393.764 lakhs. In Udhampur district, Rs 179.98 lakhs were spent out of total available central funds of Rs 341.444 lakhs.
However the situation was back to square one the following year i.e., 2012-13, when the J&K Rural Development Department could spend only Rs 2783.81 lakhs out of available central grant of Rs 5074.1 lakhs in 21 districts of the state.
This year maximum funding was made in Udhampur district i.e., 457.22 lakhs yet it could expend only Rs 70.28 lakhs. Followed by it, Doda could spend Rs 190.66 lakhs out of Rs 436.65 lakhs in Jammu division.
In Kashmir division in 2012-13, Pulwama got the maximum funding of Rs 362.34 lakhs yet could spend only Rs 125.9 lakhs.
Under TSC, which was renamed as NBA in the year 2012-13, four activities are taken which included Individual Household Latrines (IHHL), community sanitary complex, school/institutional toilets and Anganwadi toilets.
The poor performance of state government agencies can be gauged in the light of censuring of state government by the apex court of country on account of non-availability of toilets in the educational institutions particularly in government schools. (Source: JKNI)

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