A flood of solutions

A flood of solutions

The Tata Water Mission has taken the collaborative route to reach the most precious of resources to people and communities in dire need

Aregular supply of water is the big reason for the ready smile and positive attitude with which Devibai Grasiya greets visitors to her modest dwelling in Gharat, a village in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district. “I’m happy with what has happened in my hamlet,” says the 55-year-old tribal as she settles down to explaining the difference a tap at her doorstep has made to the everyday lives of her family.

“Till about a year back, I would spend three hours every morning fetching water,” says Ms Devibai, who had to depend on two erratic sources for the elixir: a hand pump about a kilometre away from her home and, when that ran dry — which it frequently did — a distant well. “There were constant fights over water and we barely had enough for a weekly bath. I had to send my kids to school unwashed and the schoolteacher was constantly asking them why they were so dirty. It upset me no end.”

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